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Bringing a Literary Lens to Pop Culture

November 5, 2021

ASOIAF Episode 143 — AFFC Brienne I featuring Shiloh Carroll

Saddle your horses: We're going on a new journey across Westeros in search of a maid that is definitely-not-Sansa-Stark-but-sounds-exactly-like-her with the truest not-a-knight of them all—Brienne of Tarth. Often mistaken for a POV where nothing happens, Shiloh Carroll, author of Medievalism in A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones, joins us to set the record straight with insights about chivalric romance literature and the knight errant character.
Where to find Shiloh Carroll:
Shiloh's Wordpress: Musings on medievalism in pop culture: https://shilohcarroll.wordpress.com/
Essays on Jaime and Brienne, Chivalric Romances, and Arthuriana
Shiloh's Twitter
Link mentioned:
Lo the Lynx's essay on Brienne and Arya as gender outlaws
Intro by Anton Langhage

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