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October 15, 2019

His Dark Materials: Episode 5 - Northern Lights/The Golden Compass Chapters 13-15

Northern Lights/The Golden Compass - Chapters 10-12
New members join Lyra's party: an aeronaut, an armored bear, and soon - however fleeting - a severed child.
CHAPTERS 13, 14, 15
  • THIRTEEN Fencing
  • FOURTEEN Bolvangar Lights
  • FIFTEEN The Dæmon Cages


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Many immigrants are not informed of their legal and civil rights as they pursue asylum or face deportation. Several nonprofits are providing free legal representation and other services for immigrants and the families of those detained. United We Dream, the American Civil Liberties Union, Mijente, Immigrant Families Together, Save the Children and the Immigrant Justice Corps are coordinating advocacy and services at a national level. Local organizations providing legal aid include the New Sanctuary Coalition in New York, Las Americas in El Paso and Raices in Texas, Americans for Immigrant Justice in Florida and the Denver Immigrant Legal Services Fund in Colorado.

Most charities say the best way to help is through financial donations, not product donations. Well-vetted groups that provide humanitarian aid to migrants include Pueblo Sin Fronteras, an organization with two shelters along the border of the Sonoran Desert, and Border Angels, a volunteer coalition that provides water, free legal help, and emergency services.

You can also donate to Immigrant Families Together, a group started by women in New York, working to raise bond money for parents who were separated from their children at the border. They also work to arrange long-term housing and pro bono attorneys for immigrants while they await trial. (In one instance, Kristen Bell helped the organization reach the $30,000 bond goal for a mother named Delmi.)

Organizations United We Dream, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Mijente are also helping coordinate advocacy and services for families.


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