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September 25, 2020

The Book of Dust Episode 1 - La Belle Sauvage Chapters 1-3

Gather round for a reading from The Book of Dust, Chapters 1-3 of the Gospel according to Malcolm. Chloe and Eliana begin the later released prequel to the His Dark Materials series, following Malcolm in Oxford. 

Please note that unlike the His Dark Materials episodes, La Belle Sauvage episodes will be spoilers all with the exception of The Secret Commonwealth. 

Chapter 1: The Terrace Room

Chapter 2: The Acorn

Chapter 3: Lyra


Eliana's twitter: https://twitter.com/arhythmetric

Eliana's reddit account: https://www.reddit.com/user/glass_table_girl

Eliana's blog: https://themanyfacedblog.wordpress.com/

Chloe's twitter: https://twitter.com/liesandarbor

Chloe's blog: www.liesandarborgold.com

Intro by Alexander Nakarada; Background music from Bensound.com

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