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Bringing a Literary Lens to Pop Culture

March 18, 2022

His Dark Materials Novellas - Lee Scoresby’s Spaghetti Western: Once Upon a Time in the North

Originally released for Girls Gone Canon Patrons April, 2020 ~ become a GGC Patron @ patreon.com/girlsgonecanon where patrons in the Stranger tier & above receive monthly bonus episodes ~ 

 Spoilers: MAIN TRILOGY, Novellas, and hints/foreshadowing toward things we may see in a future book of dust.

We sit down to discuss the novella Once Upon a Time in the North, which focuses on Lee Scoresby - and Iorek Byrnison! (And NOT Victoria Lund, bye).  Join in and listen to some musings, as we speculate on what Poliakov was really mining for, a "severing", and even some fragrant oils. 


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