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December 13, 2019

His Dark Materials S1E6 - The Daemon Cages

There is no garden in the Fields of Evil. Lyra must escape Bolvangar with all the other children and stop the horrors happening here. Chloe tastes sweet, sweet victory. 

Mentioned in the episode: Chloe's latest essay on Tony Makarios 


Eliana's twitter: https://twitter.com/arhythmetric

Eliana's reddit account: https://www.reddit.com/user/glass_table_girl

Eliana's blog: https://themanyfacedblog.wordpress.com/

Chloe's twitter: https://twitter.com/liesandarbor

Chloe's blog: www.liesandarborgold.com

Intro: Waltz Of The Skeleton Keys by WombatNoisesAudio | https://soundcloud.com/user-734462061

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