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October 15, 2020

His Dark Materials Series Two - Official Trailer Breakdown

The first of many surprises this weekend: Just before you get your ASOIAF episode, we are SO JAZZED about the Series Two official trailer and have a few more final thoughts before the series officially comes out November 16. And we were so excited that this is once more a one-hit wonder episode meaning that again, we recorded it and uh, you get the raw, unedited Girls Gone Canon experience.
Watch along with us:
SMALL POST-EDITING CORRECTION: Our friend Zionius has cracked the code with a clearer photo, and the formula we see in the journal is a formula for focusing a lens..... a lens of what you ask? Sounds like a SPYGLASS to us.
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Intro: Waltz Of The Skeleton Keys by WombatNoisesAudio | https://soundcloud.com/user-734462061

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